Author, Arnold Greenberg

My life has certainly been an adventure.

I currently live on a tropical island in the Caribbean where I am inspired to write and create. I am the author of several novels, poetry, a blog and often post daily ...
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Jazz by Arnold Greenberg


Ginger grows up listening to her mom’s jazz records and is determined to become a jazz singer and not a frustrated drunk like her mother, who gave up her dream. A friend's father lets Ginger sing with his trio in a small bar ....
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Twins Of Atlantis The Awakening by Arnold Greenberg

Twins Of Atlantis The Awakening

While on a camping trip to Cape Hatteras to celebrate their thirteenth birthday, twins, Damian and Jason, meet Solomon, an old man, who tells them  how he and his twin brother, Max, had dreams of Atlantis....
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Daughters Of Atlas The Quest by Arnold Greenberg

Daughters Of Atlas The Quest

While having lunch with her father on her thirteenth birthday at the Sea Dragon Chinese restaurant, Julie receives a personal message in her fortune cookie written by the owner, Lee Wan, urging her to go to...

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Children Of The Dream The Coming by Arnold Greenberg

Children Of The Dream The Coming

On the day of his Bar Mitzvah, David, meets Jesse, a mulatto carpenter and maintenance man with dreadlocks, who tells him they were together in another life time in the time of Jesus. David begins having lucid dreams when he ...

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Chaordia A Novel Of Transformation by Arnold Greenberg

A Novel Of Transformation

After Alex and Alice finished reading an exciting, inspiring trilogy based on the Atlantis legend, they meet Glenn and learn he wants to transform his inherited grandfather's farm into ...

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Revolution And The Journal Of Joshua Johnson A Ghost Story by Arnold Greenberg

Revolution And The Journal Of Joshua Johnson A Ghost Story

David, a bored high school student, suddenly finds himself strangely fascinated by an old leather bound journal while on a class trip to the colonial Johnson House, a museum, in ...

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The Blue Guitar by Arnold Greenberg

The Blue Guitar

Orrin is powerfully drawn to a blue guitar he sees in a music store when he is twelve and is taught to play and compose haunting music by a master teacher. While working as a janitor, he...

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Spam - The Novel by Arnold Greenberg

Spam - The Novel

After his wife of many years dies, English professor, Dr. Peter Horowitz, alone and depressed, spends the next eight months responding to Spam on the internet, while ignoring the tall grass covering ...

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Max and Rosie by Arnold Greenberg

Max and Rosie

Max has been in love with his wife Rosie ever since she sat next to him in their Chaucer class nearly forty years ago. Now, Rosie is dying of Alzheimer's and must hire a live-in nurse ...

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Taking Chances by Arnold Greenberg

Taking Chances

Catherine loves Martin, but is no longer in love. Two days after celebrating their thirty-seventh anniversary, she's fascinated by the man sitting across from her in the park. He's writing ...

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My Poems

Journey Homeword, poems by Arnold Greenberg

Journey Homeword

These poems describe a young man's leaving home for unknown ports in search for meaning and, like Odysseus, returns home to find meaning is inside not out there. ....

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Sisyphus, poems by Arnold Greenberg


Based on the legend, Sisyphus speaks through these poems to the stars and to anyone who can hear the story of how he came to be punished by the gods and how the stone he bears is the burden of moral consciousness we all bear.....
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Pondering-Poems From The Pond by Arnold Greenberg

Pondering-Poems From The Pond

These deceptively simple poems describe living in a tiny cabin overlooking a trout pond and follow the seasons.....

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Jazz by Arnold Greenberg

The Forgotten Town

The Title, The Forgotten Town came from having many conversations with people who came here when Bocas was a desolate town. A few referred to it as a forgotten town, abandoned by United Fruit and the Panamanian government, a....
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Morning Songs, poems by Arnold Greenberg

Morning Songs

Poems written every dawn in a cabin in the Maine woods that express a wide range of thoughts and feelings that come like the weather. ....

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